Coming of Age in the Eighties (Los ochenta son nuestros by Ana Diosdado

Translated by Phyllis Zatlin

Set in an affluent mountain resort outside Madrid on New Year's Eve sometime in the 1980s, this tragicomedy explores universal problems of growing up in contemporary society. The eight young characters question their own identities, including their sexuality, and their relationships with each other and with their parents. They respond to acts of violence and perpetrate their own. Members of the privileged class, they consider their prejudices against marginal groups while realizing that their own future is not secure. This often funny play breaks with realism in its treatment of time but provides a disturbingly realistic view of young people and their concerns. It was a major box office hit in Madrid during both the 1987-88 and 1988-89 seasons.

5 young men (4 teen-agers and 1 aged 20; 3 teen-age women

Single set of garage and garden; revolving stage desirable for changing angle between acts

Spanish premiere: January 1988, Madrid, directed Jesús Puente.

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