Other Modern Classics

By Federico García Lorca

Dialogues and unfinished sketches (translated from the Spanish)
Translated by John London.

A collection of all the texts Lorca originally intended to form a book of dialogues. There are pieces inspired by the silent screen (Buster Keaton's Outing), or more symbolist in style (Chimera), while a number of texts challenge the very definition of the form (Silent Dialogue of the Carthusians). One of the texts (The Madman and the Madwoman) appeared in this English version before publication in Spanish. These are the first translations to be undertaken directly from the surviving manuscripts.

Sets: various, one or multiple sets per title.

Cast: up to 6-8 (6 males, 2 females).

Productions: rehearsed reading, Lincoln Center, New York (1998); production, Columbia University, New York (2000).

Published in: The Unknown Federico García Lorca: Dialogues, Dramatic Projects, Unfinished Plays & a Filmscript, ed. by John London (London: Atlas Press, 1996)

For performance permissions (amateur and professional), contact: William Peter Kosmas, 8 Franklin Square, London, W14 9UU, Great Britain.


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