Yolanda Pallín: Honeymoon (Luna de miel)

Translated by Katrina Emery.

Pallín (b. 1965) is among Spain's most prominent contemporary playwrights. Her work can be considered a reflection of today's society. She has received a number of awards and her plays can be found in various collections of young authors.

Two newlyweds reveal newfound uncertainties about their marriage through a combination dialogue and monologue. Throughout the eleven scenes of the play, they constantly jump from imaginary situations to spoken thoughts to real conversations with each other. This is a comical, short play that reveals real life concerns in modern day relationships.

1 man and 1 woman. No set required. Minimal props. Costumes are wedding attire.

Contact translator: Katrina Emery, 3004 Hope Ridge Drive, Easton PA 18045; 1-610-751-1898; Trina1228@aol.com or Sociedad General de Autores y Editores: carrion@sgae.es


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