Alfonso Sastre:  THE ABANDONED DOLL & YOUNG BILLY TELL (Historia de una muñeca abandonada & El hijo único de Guillermo Tell).
    Translated by Carys Evans-Corrales.  1996.

Two plays for children--with much to interest adults--by one of contemporary Spain's most distinguished playwrights.


An enchanting balloon-lady recounts to a group of bored city kids the story of Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle.  As Brecht's tale unfolds, it is paralleled by a second plot line, in which a conflict between two girls as to which is the owner of an abandoned doll is played out and resolved.  An outstanding example of Sastre's social commitment and his command of multiple levels of theatrical expression.



The Abandoned Doll. María Guerrero National Theatre, Madrid, 1989. Directed by Xicu Masó. Photo by Manuel Martínez Muñoz.







One-act play in 19 scenes.  William Tell, the renowned and popular local marksman, is a tyrant within his own family.  Young Billy Tell grows up in a repressive atmosphere, closely mirroring the regime of the despotic Gessler.  The legendary incident in which William Tell successfully shoots an apple placed on his son's head and subsequently kills the evil ruler, ushers in a new era both for the inhabitants of Altdorf and for the members of Tell's family.

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