Fermín Cabal:  PASSAGE (Travesía).
    Translated by Rick Hite.  1998

In this "dangerous comedy," three passengers form a lover's triangle aboard a merchant ship headed down the west coast of Africa.  Playwright Fermín Cabal sets up an unusually clever staging and provides highly compelling characters for actors in what critic Enrique Centeno of Diario 16 has called "the most representative work of Spanish theater of the decade."

Passage premiered at the Teatro Juan Bravo de Segovia in Spain in 1993.  The play has been awarded the Tirso de Molina (1991) and Teatro de Rojas (1883) prizes and was runner-up for the national Critic's Prize.  Santiago Ramos, who created Domingo, and Luisa Martínez, who appeared in the Madrid production, have also received major prizes for their roles in this play.  American premiere, 17 April - 10 May 1998, Generic Theater, Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Single set
    2 men (age range 40-48), 1 woman (age range 38-45)

    Contact translator:  Rick Hite, 742 Baldwin Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517; Phone:  757-622-7631; Fax 757-461-5025; or author through SGAE


Fermín Cabal:  GET THEE BEHIND ME! (¡Vade Retro!).
    Translated by Robert Louis Sheehan.  1988.

Two-act comedy, set in a Catholic school.  When a young priest comes to confide in the Prefect that he plans to leave the Church, the result is a sleepless night, filled with verbal duelling and physical confrontation.  The serious underpinning of dialogue between these representatives of two generations is tempered by surface humor and filmic references.

  • One set
    2 men

    World premiere:  Dir. Angel Ruggiero, María Guerrero National Theater, Madrid, 1982.

  • Contact translator:  Robert L. Sheehan, 790 Boyston St., Apt 11J; Boston, MA 02199; Phone: 617-266-2008, or author through SGAE
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