Paloma Pedrero:  FIRST STAR (Una estrella) and THE RAILING (El pasamanos).
    Translated by Rick Hite.


Estrella, a successful novelist, goes to a seedy bar thinking she is gathering material for her next book.  Once there she finds a world which pulls her back to her painful years of growing up with an alcoholic father, now dead.  Her encounter with Juan Dominguez, the father's old drinking and gambling partner, brings discovery, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

  • Single set
    1 woman (early 30's); 3 men (one 65, two 30's to 40's)



First Star. Virginia Wesleyan, 1998. Directed by Rebecca Williams.







An elderly couple, in their effort to get their landlady to install a handrail for the hall stairs, becomes the subject and project of a popular T.V. show which engages in social issues.  Human dignity and privacy struggle against media exploitation.

  • Single set.  Interior:  the living room of a modest, second-floor apartment with hall landing and stairs leading down to street level.

    2 women (one 60's, one early 30's); 2 men (one 70's, one early 20's)

  • Contact translator:  Rick Hite, 742 Baldwin Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517; Phone 757-622-7631;  Fax 757-461-5025; E-mail; or author through SGAE


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