José M. Rodríguez Méndez:  AUTUMN FLOWER (Flor de otoño).
    Translated by Marion Peter Holt.  2001.

Drama in 2 acts.  Lluiset, a young attorney in the politically volatile Barcelona of 1930, leads a double life.  Unknown to his upper class family, he is a popular gay transvestite cabaret performer by night and known as "Autumn Flower."  Lluiset becomes involved with an anarchist group, is arrested, and condemned to death.  In a powerful final scene, Lluiset pretends with his mother that he is boarding a ship for America but in reality he is being led to his execution.

Autumn Flower. Original production, Teatro Español, Madrid, 1982. Directed by Antonio Díaz Zamora. Photo by Manuel Martínez Muñoz.

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