Juan Mayorga: LOVE LETTERS TO STALIN (Carta de amor a Stalin).
Translated By María E. Padilla. 2002.

Drama in 10 scenes that focuses on the frustration of a censored writer. Mikhail Bulgakov, who becomes obsessed due to the artistic silence that has been imposed on him, uncovers the depth of his emotional and psychological dilemma through a series of imagined, and at times comic, encounters with the diabolical figure of Stalin. A profound meditation on the tortured relationship between power and art.

2 men, 1 woman.
One simple set.

World premiere: Dir. Guillermo Heras, Teatro María Guerrero, Madrid, 8 September 1999, in a production by the National Drama Center.

First performed in English: script-in-hand play series, New Jersey Repertory Company, Long Branch; 2 May 2004, dir. Alyse Rothman. First American stage production: Theatre Catalyst, Philadephia. 14 September 2004, dir. Anthony Hostetter.

Contact translator: María E. Padilla, 600 West 246 St., Apt. 1216; Riverdale, NY 10471. Phone: 1-718-796 3672; mep_1@hotmail.com; or author through SGAE: acarrion@sgae.es.

Helio Pedregal as Bulgakov and Eusebio Lázaro as Stalin. Love Letters to Stalin, Madrid 1999. Dir. Guillermo Heras. Photo: Chicho, courtesy of Centro Dramático Nacional.

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