No. 23 Beth Escudé i Gallès: KILLING TIME (El color del gos quan fuig).
Translated by Bethany M. Korp, and KEEPING IN TOUCH (La lladre i la Sra Guix).
Translated by Janet DeCesaris. 2003.

Killing Time presents the cruel and yet tender relationship of two women, one elderly and one young. They have lived their lives together through classic tales of mother and daughter-in-law and now embark upon one last story as they approach their definitive separation.

Keeping in Touch also deals with the relationship of an old woman and a young one. Their unusual friendship develops over a period of years via the cell phone that the young woman had stolen from her elderly victim.

In both Killing Time and Keeping in Touch, Escudé i Gallès provides snapshots into the complex worlds of her characters. And like short stories, these two brief plays are able to capture insightful images of a vaster universe.

Both plays may be performed with minimal props.
The casts each consist of 1 old woman and 1 young woman.

El color del gos quan fuig (Killing Time) was first performed as a staged reading at the Centre d'Estudis Catalans in Paris in April 1997, directed by Sonia Abella. It received its first stage production at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona in May 1997, under the direction of Beth Escudé i Gallès. It has also been performed in Spanish, French and Italian.

La lladre i la Sra Guix (Keeping in Touch) was originally written as a radio play and was first aired in 1999 on Catalunya Ràdio in the series "Els espais dramàtics," directed by Dolors Martínez.

Itziar Ortega and Beatriz Fernández in Pullus (Killing Time), Sala Galileo,
Madrid. September 2001, dir. Adolfo Simón. Photo: Benito Lorenzo.

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