No. 25 Sergi Belbel: BLOOD (La sang).
Translated by Marion Peter Holt. Scheduled for publication: 2004.

Sergi Belbel (b. 1963), is among the most widely-recognized playwrights and directors not only in his native region of Catalunya but throughout Spain. His light satire After the Rain won the Molière prize in Paris for best comedy of the year in 1999 and has been staged as well in London and New York. Far different in tone is Blood, a disconcerting view of torture by terrorists.

Belbel's drama deals with a woman who is taken hostage and is subjected to a series of amputations while the terrorists await ransom from her husband. Ultimately she is put to death. The play nevertheless ends on a note of hope.

Six women (whose roles may be played by three actors)
Five men (whose roles may be played by two actors)
Two little girls (whose roles may be played by one child)

One interior and three exterior locations (which may be represented with minimal scenery and props)

Blood had its premiere in February 1999 at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona. It was directed by Toni Casares and featured Marta Angelat in the role of the kidnapped woman.

The hostage and the little girl in Blood, Sala Beckett, Barcelona. February 1999, dir. Toni Casares. Photo courtesy of Sala Beckett.

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