No. 26 Cristina Fernández Cubas: BLOOD SISTERS (Hermanas de sangre).
Translated by Karen Denise Dinicola. Scheduled for publication, 2004.

Cristina Fernández Cubas (b. 1945) is among contemporary Spain's most distinguished writers of narrative, She has achieved international acclaim in particular as author of short stories in the fantastic mode. Although she has had a strong interest in theatre for many years, Hemanas de sangre (Blood Sisters) is her first play.

Blood Sisters, a drama in two acts, portrays the reunion of seven women, now in their forties, who attended Catholic boarding school together as children. Prompted by the showing of an enhanced home movie from the day they were last together, the reunion quickly moves away from anticipated subjects for discussion to focus instead on an intense and suspenseful psychological exploration of repressed guilt. The play provides an effective vehicle for ensemble acting, with constant interaction among the characters.

Seven women, in their forties.
Two waiters (These minor roles could be played by women rather than men)

Two sets. A private dining room in a fancy restaurant and an adjacent garden. The showing of a movie in the first act is an essential element of the play.

Hermanas de sangre has been made into a movie for television by Massa d'Or Production (executive producers Isona Passola and Lluís Ferrando), in both Castilian Spanish and Catalan versions. The Castilian version was first shown at a film festival in 2002 and then aired nationally on Via Digital in March 2003. The stage play has not yet received a full performance but is under consideration in Spain and, in English translation, in the United States.

Contact author through agent, Mercedes Casanovas, Barcelona: phone 011-34-93-212-4791, fax 011-34-93-417-9037, e-mail; or translator, Karen Denise Dinicola: phone 1-973-838-3872, e-mail

Hermanas de sangre, movie made for television. Photo courtesy of Massa d'Or Production.

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