No. 27 Ignacio del Moral: DARK MAN'S GAZE AND OTHER PLAYS (La mirada del hombre oscuro, Papis & Oseznos) Translated by Jartu Gallashaw Toles. 2005.

Ignacio del Moral (b. 1957) has been an important author of the Teatro Alternativo (fringe theatre) in Madrid for a number of years. He is also well known as a writer of filmscripts. In 1991 La mirada del hombre oscuro was awarded the first annual prize of the Sociedad General de Autores de España. The other two plays included in this volume are short pieces that were first staged in 1992 as part of a highly-acclaimed production called Precipitados.


In this tragicomedy, Del Moral combines humor, fantasy and reality to give a universal picture of immigration and racism in today's world. Two Africans wash up on an isolated beach in Spain, where they are discovered by a Spanish family. Ombasi knows only three words of Spanish, and his friend--also a speaking role--has drowned. But those factors form only a partial explanation for the problems in communication between the black and white characters.

A beach with dunes, largely defined by sound and light
3 men (1 white and 2 black)
1 woman
1 boy
1 girl

World premiere: Dir. Ernesto Caballero. Sala Olimpia, Madrid, 1993.


This short piece is a bittersweet slice of life. A young man and a young woman meet casually in an urban square where they bring their babies for outings. Their conversation is laced with humor but yet reveals the frustrations and disappointments of their respective lives.

A single set, representing a small park or open city space
1 man
1 woman

World premiere: Dir. Jesús Cracio. Sala Olimpia, Madrid, 1992.


At nightfall, three inebriated adolescents alternately share laughter and come to blows. Trapped in an inhospitable urban environment and unsure about their futures, they express universal, existential anguish.

A single scenic space, representing a vacant lot
3 young men

World premiere: Dir. Jesús Cracio. Sala Olimpia, Madrid, 1992.

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Dark Man's Gaze. Sala Olimpia, Madrid,

Dark Man's Gaze. Sala Olimpia,1993. Dir. Ernesto Caballero. Photo courtesy of Centro de Documentación Teatral.

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