No. 32 Juan Pablo Heras: Marilyn’s Mustache (El bigote de Marilyn) Translated by Rick Hite. 2009.

Marilyn’s Mustache is a clever and poignant metatheatrical dark comedy where today’s cyberspace and yesterday’s celluloid worlds intersect to create a bizarre stage of one’s own with every character playing a part in someone else’s script. It is a human story of love, dreams and failures but it also highlights the unforeseen irony subtly embedded in the twenty-first century’s version of a matchmaker, the Internet.

4 women
4 men

One set with multiple levels

World premiere: Dir. Sergio O. Gonzá lez Giles. Centro de Estudios Artí sticos in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008. It won the Universidad Polité cnica of Madrid’s Award for Best Drama (2004), as well as the city of Alicante’s Arniches Award (2004).

In February, 2009 Marilyn’s Mustache, directed by SuzAnne Barabas, received a developmental reading at NJ Repertory Theater in Long Branch, New Jersey.

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