No. 33 Charo González Casas: Patenting Destiny: A Tale of Two Shoes (Ventanilla de patentes) Translated by Patricia W. O'Connor. 2010.

Patenting Destiny:  A Tale of Two Shoes offers a humorous yet thought-provoking perspective on fate, life, love and death.  Through the fantastic, magical powers of the “destiny” shoes, in various combinations with shoes of “chance,” the characters’ lives are transformed for both good and bad.  González Casas’ unique approach to our most profound, existential concerns, keeps us thoroughly entertained while at the same time inviting us to contemplate the myriad possibilities as we travel through that marvelous garden of the forking paths known as life. 

10-11 men (per the author, the scene with the artist can be eliminated)
2 women

3-4 sets  (the patent window, the park, the corporate office, the prison)

A dramatic reading of Ventanilla de patentes was done in 2009 at the Maldonado Theater in Madrid, directed by Ernesto Gil Sánchez.  The play was staged at Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana, in 2011 under the direction of Teresa Parmer and Andy Johns. 

Contact translator:  Patricia O’Connor, OCONNOPW@UCMAIL.UC.EDU
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