No. 35 Sergi Belbel: Offside (Fora de joc) Translated by Marion Peter Holt. 2012.

Offside is a dark comedy about family dysfunction, economic hardships, moral dilemmas, broken dreams, and… soccer.  In this dynamic and fast-paced play, four members of a middle class family plus the grandfather’s immigrant caretaker see their comfortable world shattered by the recent financial crisis. In this new world confronted with unsustainable commitments or personal desires, what will get hacked?    The financial crisis fuels an unsuspected series of events that straddle reality and the imagination.

Characters: Three men and two women

2 sets: Anna’s house and Josep’s apartment

Fora de joc was first staged in Catalan at the Festival Grec in Barcelona in July, 2010. The English version, Offside, received a staged reading on September 30, 2010 at the Lark Theatre in New York. It was cast and directed by Mallory Catlett.  

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