No. 36 Paloma Pedrero:  In the Other Room (En la otra habitación)  Translated by Iride Lamartina-Lens.  2013.

In the Other Room, puts the spotlight on today’s generation of mothers and daughters as they strive to integrate change into their relationship without forfeiting their unique solidarity and love. It rises out of the depths of feminine experience and insight as it dares to expose some of the darker aspects of the new-age mother/daughter relationship that is threatened by rivalry, narcissism, and unrealistic expectations of one another.

Characters: Two women

1 set: Paula’s loft studio apartment

En la otra habitación was first staged at the Teatro Conde Duque in Madrid in 2011, under the direction of Paloma Pedrero.  It was a finalist for the Valle-Inclan Award in 2012. 
In 2013 In the Other Room was directed by Lindy Regan in a dramatic reading at New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch, New Jersey.

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    Reading at NJ Rep. Catherine Easton (Paula) and Sarah Congress (Amanda)