No. 37 PARADISE LOST: Juan Mayorga: Darwin's Tortoise (La tortuga de Darwin) and Guillermo Heras: Tsunami.  Translated by Iride Lamartina-Lens.  2014.

DARWIN’S TORTOISE, by Juan Mayorga.

Darwin’s Tortoise premiered in Madrid in 2008 at the Teatro de la Abadía, under the direction of Ernesto Caballero.  In recognition of this brilliant play, Mayorga received the Max Award for Best Author in 2009 and the Teatro de Rojas Award for Best Author in 2008. Darwin's Tortoise offers a satirical reading of modern history through the perspective of the biologist's now ancient tortoise, Harriet. Over the course of 200 years, Harriet has evolved into a woman-tortoise hybrid, and she offers a unique interpretation of humanity's evolutionary involution and moral bankruptcy. Mayorga's intellectually charged play underscores the relationship between history and historical memory, power and violence, and fiction and reality.

2 men
2 women

3 sets (professor’s office, doctor’s office, hospital)

TSUNAMI, by Guillermo Heras

Tsunami premiered in 2014 at the Teatro Real in Cordoba, Argentina, under the direction of Ricky Ceballos. This play dramatizes the cataclysmic event in Indonesia in 2004 that killed more than one hundred thousand people. Tsunami is a concise, thought provoking meditation on the consequences of globalization, tourism, and the exploitation of nature.  Through the perspective of Ingrid, a survivor of the tragedy, Heras highlights the superficial values that dominate modern life in the Western world, all in the name of progress, and he highlights the need to achieve harmony with our environment.

2 women                                                                              
5 men

3 sets (hospital room, hotel lounge, beach)


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