Paloma Pedrero:  PARTING GESTURES  with A NIGHT IN THE SUBWAY (El color de agosto, La noche dividida, Resguardo personal, Solos esta noche).
    Translated by Phyllis Zatlin.  1999.

These three closely related plays, by one of Spain's most successful women playwrights, were performed together at their American premiere:  Dir. Timur Djordjadze.  The Pace Downtown Theater at Schimmel Center for the Arts, New York City, 5-8 December 1991.


Two women artists who have been friends since childhood, are reunited after an eight-year separation.  Maria has triumphed in Laura's absence, but Laura proves to be the stronger of the two in their artistic and personal rivalries.  Short full-length play without intermission.

  • One set, with paintings and sculpture as essential elements
    2 women plus 1 offstage male voice

    World premiere:  Dir. Pepe Ortega, Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid, Summer 1988.  English-language staged readings:  Loose Change Theatre Company, London, 1992; Applause Books, New York City, 1998; New Jersey Repertory Company, Long Branch, 2004.


The Color of August. Original production, Madrid, 1988. Directed by Pepe Ortega. Photo by Santi Pons.











Sabina, an actress, feels abandoned by her French lover.  As she gets increasingly drunk, she feels herself more and more attracted to Alberto, a Bible salesman, who casts aside that role as he succumbs to Sabina's charms.  One-act comedy.

  • One set
    1 man, 1 woman plus 1 man with no speaking part

    World premiere:  Dir. Jesús Cracio.  Teatro del Beso Company, Alfil Theater, Madrid, November 1990; as part of trilogy Noches de amor efímero (Nights of Passing Love).  English-language staged readings:  West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, 1997; New Jersey Repertory Company, Long Branch, 2004. Production:  London, 1997.  Dir. Liza Forrell.


Marta has left her husband, Gonzalo, and the two squabble over custody of their dog.  Marta 
tricks Gonzalo into revealing that he would rather the dog die than have Marta keep her.  Short one-
act comedy.  Surprise ending with live dog.

  • One set
    1 man, 1 woman

    World premiere:  Dir. Paloma Pedrero.  Authors Workshop of the Centro Nacional de Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas, Madrid, 1986.  English-language staged readings in 1997:  West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; Loyola University New Orleans, Ohio Wesleyan College, Colgate University, Union College; New Jersey Repertory Company, Long Branch, 2004.


Carmen, a strait-laced government employee, finds herself reapped in a subway station with José, an unemployed laborer, when they have missed the last train.  Her fears and inhibitions gradually yield to physical attraction as the frightening episode becomes an adventure in humdrum life.  Short one-act comedy.

  • One set.  Two characters.

    Spanish premiere:  With La noche dividida, see above.
    American premiere:  Lower Depths Theater, Loyola University New Orleans, 9-10 December 1997.  Dir. Paola Ruiz de Pellón.

    Contact translator:  Phyllis Zatlin, 5 Timber Road, East Brunswick NJ 08816; Phone:  732-932-5729; Fax:  732-932-9837; or author through SGAE


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