Alfonso Vallejo:  TRAIN TO KIU (El cero transparente).
    Translated by Rick Hite.  1996.

Drama in 2 acts.  Four patients believe they have been released from a hospital for the mentally ill and are being sent to the place of their dreams, the city of Kiu.  Their train journey to Kiu, however, becomes a nightmare of discovery and exploration through the tangle of human existence.

  • One set
    6 men, 1 woman (or 5 men, 2 women)

    World premiere:  Dir. William Layton, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, 1980.

    Contact translator:  Rick Hite, 742 Baldwin Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517; Phone 757-622-7631, Fax 757-461-5025; or author through SGAE

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