José Martín Recuerda

The Inmates of the Convent of Saint Mary Egyptian (Las arrecogías del convento de Santa María Egipciaca)
Adapted and Translated by Robert Lima

Mariana Pineda, from Granada, is imprisoned in a convent under orders of the State Prosecutor Ramón Pedrosa for consorting with those seeking to depose the tyrannical King Fernando VII, who ruled Spain briefly before the onset of Napoleon's control and again upon his defeat in 1814. Mariana, in love with one of the revolutionary leaders, sews the flag of the cause and is led to the gallows for refusing to reveal the identities and whereabouts of the conspirators.

8 men, 19 women plus offstage voices, guitarist and dancers
Single stage set

Spanish Premiere: Teatro de la Comedia, Madrid, 1977. Directed by Adolfo Marsillach.
American Premiere: Penn State University Resident Theatre Company, 1980.
Directed by Manuel Duque.
United Kingdom Premiere: Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, Scotland), by Oxford Theatre Group, 1988.

Publication Data: DramaContemporary: Spain. Ed. Marion Peter Holt. New York: Performing Arts Journal Publications, 1985. 97-138.

Contact translator: Robert Lima, Penn State University, N346 Burrowes Building, University Park, PA 16802; or author, through SGAE.

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