A Kiss for a Kiss (Un maldito beso) by Concha Romero

Translated by John Zdziarski

Set in an apartment in Madrid sometime in the 1980's, this play deals with a myriad of issues, including marriage problems, fidelity, trust, lying, insecurity, faith, and manipulation, to name a few. It explores the dynamics of human psychology: people's shortcomings, complexities, contradictions, and suffering. Maria, a 35 year old actress, catches her 40 year old husband and director in the arms of an aspiring actress on the very night Maria is to debut in his play. Her subsequent "amnesia" provokes much trepidation in Manolo and forces the two of them to take a rather honest look at their marriage and lives. This play explores the gender roles that existed in Spain at the time, albeit in a rather unusual and, at times, humorous way.

A couple in their mid to late 30's; a housekeeper of an unknown age; a young beautiful actress; a 30 year old psychiatrist

Living room of an affluent apartment; two sections; double door upstage that leads to the entrance door, and door stage left that leads to interior of house

Written in 1989

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