Luis Araújo's Vanzetti and Paloma Pedrero's Parting Gestures with A Night in the Subway (1999)
Estreno's series on contemporary Spanish plays includes these works by two of Spain's most exciting young playwrights. The English translations expertly capture the style and flavor of the original Spanish.... Both playwrights are exciting to read, and their works have proven highly popular with theater audiences in many countries. Highly recommended for contemporary theater collections in academic and public libraries.
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Josep Maria Benet i Jornet's Legacy. (2000)
Benet i Jornet (b. 1940) is the most popular playwright in Catalonia today. This text has been performed in Madrid (in the Castilian Spanish translation) and in Barcelona (in the original Catalan), and has also been made into a movie entitled Friend/Lover.
Translation Review

Sebastián Junyent's Packing up the Past (2000)
First performed to international acclaim in 1985 and a winner of Lope de Vega Prize, this play explores various aspects of women's experience in Franco's Spain, along with such issues as parental influences on children, the emotional force of memory, and the illusory nature of freedom.... Recommended for all script libraries and collections of translated Spanish literature.
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Paloma Pedrero's First Star and The Railing (2001)
Written by Spain's leading contemporary woman playwright, these two short plays, expertly translated by Hite, feature complex and richly drawn characters in dramatic, seriocomic situations.... Both plays successfully blend pathos and humor. Highly recommended for contemporary drama collections.
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José María Rodríguez Méndez's Autumn Flower (2001)
Set in 1930s Barcelona, this play is based on the real life of a legendary cabaret drag star and revolutionary.... Recommended for contemporary theater arts collections.
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Juan Mayorga's Love Letters to Stalin (2002)
[The drama] focuses on the frustration of a censored writer, Mikhail Bulgakov, who uncovers the depth of his emotional and psychological dilemma through a series of imagined, and at times comic, encounters with the diabolical figure of Stalin. The play is a meditation on the tortured relationship between power and art.
Translation Review

Eduardo Galán and Javier Garcimartín's Inn Discretions (2002)
[The translation] uses contemporary language, fluid grammar, and reads as quickly and smoothly as a farce must. The punning title is only one proof of the translation's clever handling of language. Moreover, Len Mazzara has produced a translation that is imminently stageable. Indeed, I think that colleges around the nation would find this work suitable and fun for their students to produce.
Sharon M. Carnicke
University of Southern California

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