Other Plays by Women Authors
(listed by author)

Lluisa Cunillé

Ana Diosdado: Yours for the Asking
Ana Diosdado: Harira
Ana Diosdado: Other plays

Yolanda Dorado: Oxygen

Beth Escudé i Gallès: Killing Time & Keeping in Touch

Cristina Fernández Cuba: Blood Sisters

Charo González Casas: Patenting Destiny

Yolanda Pallín

Itziar Pascual

Paloma Pedrero:First Star & The Railing
Paloma Pedrero: Parting Gestures
Paloma Pedrero: Ana 3/11
Paloma Pedrero: In the Other Room
Paloma Pedrero: Other plays

Laila Ripoll: Escaping Labyrinths

Concha Romero: A Scent of Amber
Concha Romero: Other Plays

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