Complementary and Alternative Medicine

posted 11/01/04

Reading assignment:     Ernst, E. (2000).  The role of complementary and alternative medicine. BMJ, 321, 1133-5.

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Ernst (2000)

Some types of alternative medicine

Acupuncture Aromatherapy Chelation therapy Chiropractic Herbalism Homeopathy Iridology Massage Relexology Spiritual healing


Unusual treamtent intervention:

Leibovici, L. (2001).  Beyond science? Effects of remote, retroactive intercessory prayer on outcomes in patients with bloodstream infection: randomised controlled trial.  BMJ 2001;323:1450-1451 ( 22-29 December )

Objective: To determine whether remote, retroactive intercessory prayer, said for a group of patients with a bloodstream infection, has an effect on outcomes.
Design: Double blind, parallel group, randomised controlled trial of a retroactive intervention.
Setting: University hospital.
Subjects: All 3393 adult patients whose bloodstream infection was detected at the hospital in 1990-6.
Intervention: In July 2000 patients were randomised to a control group and an intervention group. A remote, retroactive intercessory prayer was said for the well being and full recovery of the intervention group.
Main outcome measures: Mortality in hospital, length of stay in hospital, and duration of fever.
Results: Mortality was 28.1% (475/1691) in the intervention group and 30.2% (514/1702) in the control group (P for difference=0.4). Length of stay in hospital and duration of fever were significantly shorter in the intervention group than in the control group (P=0.01 and P=0.04, respectively).
Conclusions: Remote, retroactive intercessory prayer said for a group is associated with a shorter stay in hospital and shorter duration of fever in patients with a bloodstream infection and should be considered for use in clinical practice.

Mortality rate N
Intervention group _____% 1691
Control Group 30.2% 1702
Median IQR Range
Intervention group ____ 4-13 0-165
Control Group ____ 4-16 0-320
Median IQR Range
Intervention group 2 1-4 0-49
Control Group 2 1-5 0-50


History of Homeopathy

Recent research on Homeopathy

Kainz, J. T., Kozel, G., Haidvogl, M., Smolle, J., "Homoeopathic versus placebo therapy of children with warts on the hands: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial, " Dermatology, vol. 193, pp. 318-20, 1996.

Why do people believe in ineffective remedies?

Gilovich, T. (1991). How We Know What Isn't So

Pros and cons of holistic medicine