Psychology of Decision Making


Spring 2014

Gretchen Chapman
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Class time and location

Rutgers University Psychology 01:830:534:01, index 16669

Spring 2014 semester

Mondays 1:10 4:00 pm

Psychology Building room 307 (Busch Campus)


Course Description:  How are decisions actually made and how do these processes differ from the best or optimal methods for decision making? This course will contrast normative and descriptive theories of reasoning, judgment, and decision making. We will explore judgments of risk and uncertainty, including research on calibration, hypothesis testing, and heuristics and biases. An analysis of decision making will include a comparison of expected utility theory with the psychological model Prospect Theory. Other topics include preference reversals, affect and decision making, self control, game theory, and moral decisions. Many of the examples and applications will come from health and medicine; other areas of application include business, law, and public policy.


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