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Postdoctoral Fellow

Ching-Jui Chang 

Doctoral Students

Qiang Kong  (Expected 2007)

Euihark Lee  (Expected 2010)

Po-Ting Lin  (Expected 2010)

Master Students

Wei-Ju Chen  (Expected 2008)



Postdoctoral Fellow

Jainhui Luo  (1997 2000)

Yufeng Dong  (1996 1997)

Zhen-Qiang Cheng  (2005 -2006)

Doctoral Students

Bin Zheng  (Completed May 2007)

Dissertation:  Topology optimization considering Design dependent loads

Ching-Jui Chang  (Completed May 2007)

Dissertation:  Automated Design Process of Sustainable Industrial Packaging

Daeyoon Jung  (Completed May 2003)

Dissertation:  Topology Optimization of Nonlinear Structures

Soonkyu Kim   (Completed May 2002)

Disseration:   Voxel-based Modeling with Multi-Resolution

Jainhui Luo   (Completed Nov. 1997)

Disseration:  Optimal Stiffener Design of 3D Shell/Plate Structures

Hemant Chickermane   (Completed May 1997)

Disseration:  A Layout Optimization Based Theoretical Framework for the Design of Multi-  component Structural Systems

Master Students

Jaehyun Kwon    (Completed 2005)

Thesis: Mechanism Design Using Genetic Algorithm

Paritosh Khobare  (Completed 2004)

Thesis: Development of Parametric Analysis Capability in a CAD System

Kunjal Oza   (Completed May 2004)

Thesis: Development of Two Level Approximation Method for Design under Uncertainty

Salil Kelkar   (Completed Dec. 2003)

Thesis: A Higher Order Central Moment Method for Uncertainty Propagation

Pen-Wei Wu  (Completed May 2000)

Thesis: Mask Generation Method for Surface Micromachining

Sun Park   (Completed Aug. 1998)

Thesis: The Selection of Optimal Genetic Parameters for Component Layout Problems

Weihong Ye   (Completed Oct. 1997)

Thesis: Optimal Layout Problems Using a New Serial Genetic Algorithm

Yong Fu   (Completed Oct. 1995)

Thesis: Optimal Layout Design of Plate/Shell Stiffeners Using a Multi-Material Design Domain Method

Rajesh Ramamurthy  (Completed Oct. 1995)

Thesis: Improving Drawability in the Deep Drawing of Conical and Square Shells by Failure Prediction

Sakait Jain  (Completed Oct. 1995)

Thesis: Optimal Layout Design Using Genetic Algorithms

Hemant Chickermane  (Completed May 1995)

Thesis: Structural Optimization Using a Generalized Convex Approximation


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