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The literature on the Bishop's Opening is quite extensive and there are a number of good articles on the web that offer analysis.

Tim Harding has published a number of articles on the Bishop's Opening (including online articles as The Kibitzer) and he may be responsible in some ways for its revival. Gary Lane's book, Winning with the Bishop's Opening, remains one of the most complete recent considerations of the opening, with excellent coverage of the more positional 3.d3 lines that are not covered here.

A) 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 . . .
B) 2....Nc6
C) 2....f5
D) 2....d6
E) 2....Bc5
Links & Acknowledgments
Bishop's Opening PGN File

References and Related Links

Bishop's Opening PGN from the Pitt Archive.

Bishop's Opening: 1847 Games, 1620-1998, from Hechiceros (you must navigate into the site to find this)

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Philidor's Defense PGN File from the Pitt Archives.

Saxess Openings Chess Sites (no longer available?)

Vienna Game PGN File from the Pitt Archives.

West, James. The Philidor Countergambit. Chess Enterprises 1994.

Other Bishop's Opening Resources
The following sites connect to the Bishop's Opening in general, including lines not covered here (such as the Giuocco Piannisimo).

Chess Corner, Bishop's Opening. Promises to increase coverage here.

Exeter Chess Club. The Modern Italian Game. Covers closed lines of the Bishop's opening with 3.d3.

Schiller, Eric, ed. Chess City. Bishop's Opening - Lopez Gambit. Covers the line 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Bc5 3.Qe2!?


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