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If you have enjoyed learning more about the 1924 Dimock Theme Tournament, chances are that you would enjoy reading about chess history on the web. There are a few excellent history-oriented chess sites out there, and this page directs you to some of the better ones.

Chess Archaeology
A robust and active site that features PGN files of difficult to find games, articles about recent "excavations," links to other sites, historical chess photographs and drawings, and advertisements for limited edition chess history books. The "Excavations" section contains a number of fascinating articles.


The Players
Key Moments
The Tournament
Marshall vs. Torre
The NY International
A Piece of History
Chess History Links
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British Chess Magazine
The oldest chess magazine in continuous publication, British Chess Magazine offers a window onto chess history and history in the making. Be sure to check out the Britbase section of the site (which is hard to find from the main page if you don't know to look for it). Britbase, the British Chess Game Archive, features downloads of PGN files from almost all British tournaments in history, including almost all of the great Hastings tournaments.

The Campbell Report
Your window onto the world of correspondence chess. I recommend the column On the Square for those interested in history and Hard Chess for those who enjoy analysis, but there is a wealth of information, games, and archives for you to explore. You might enjoy John Hilbert's piece titled Stalking the Blue-Eyed Chess Score.

Chess Cafe
One of the best sites on the net, this site reads like an amazing monthly magazine with several ongoing features and archives to back issues. Includes book reviews, opening analysis, and games.

Chess Notes by Edward Winter (now at Chess History)
The great chess historian (semi-emeritus) shares his findings in a series of articles, formerly at Chess Cafe. If you are into chess history, you'll want to check back here often.

Cambridge Springs 1904
An excellent site on an important historical tournament for Marshall.

Chess Curiosities
Tim Krabbe's wonderful collection of far-fetched facts from the history of the royal game. A truly entertaining and often humorous site that you must visit.

Chess History
An active clearinghouse for chess historians and those interested in seeing works in progress.

DejaNews Chess History Discussion Board
Now part of the Google Groups, DejaNews Chess History is the best place to talk about history or post a history related query.

Marshall Chess Club
Go visit for yourself the site of the great Dimock Theme Tournament in Manhattan.


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