Amsterdam, 1861


1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Bc4 Qh4+ 4. Kf1 g5 5. Nc3 Nf6

In a game from the same meeting, Anderssen took the Black side of this opening and played 5....Bg7 6.d4 Ne7 7.g3 fxg3 8.Kg2 Qb6 9.hxg3 Qg610.Nf3 h6 11.Rf1 Rf8 12.e5? (Better was 12.Be3) 12....g4 13.Bd3? (Necessary was 13.Nd2) 13....gxf3+ 14.Qxf3 Qb6 15.Qg4 Rg8! 16.Qf4 Qe6 17.Bd2 d5 18.Rh1 Bd7 19.Ne2 N8c6 20.b3 O-O-O with the much better game for Black.


6. Nf3 Qh5 7. d4 d6 8. h4 Bg4 9. Kf2 Bxf3 10. Qxf3 h6 11. hxg5!? Qxh1 12. gxf6 Qh4+ 13. Kg1 Qe1+ 14. Bf1 Qg3 15. Qh5 f3?

A better idea was 15....Nc6.


16. Nd5 Na6 17. Bc4 Qg6 18. Qxf3 O-O-O 19. Bxa6 bxa6 20. Qc3 Rd7 21. Qc6 1-0