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Transposing to Philidor's original vision of his defense is much better than playing the Latvian Gambit. According to recent practice and analysis, Black does quite well.

C5c1) 4.d3

C5c1a) 4....Nc6?!

C5c1a1) 5.O-O Nf6 6.Ng5 d5 7.exd5 Nxd5 8.Nc3 Nce7 9.Qf3 c6 10.Nce4 fxe4 11.Qf7+ Kd7 12.Qe6+ Kc7 13.Qxe5+ Qd6 14.Qxd6+ Kxd6 15.Nf7+ Ke6 16.Nxh8 exd3 17.cxd3 Kf6 18.b4 Be6 19.Re1 Bg8 20.Bb2+ Kg5 21.Re5+ Kh6 22.Bc1+ g5 23.Rxg5 1-0 Morphy--Rousseau, New Orleans 1849.

C5c1a2) 5.a3!? Nf6 6.Nc3 h6 7.Nh4!? g5 8.Nxf5 Bxf5 9.exf5 Nd4 10.Ne4 g4 11.h3 Qe7 12.c3 Nxf5 13.hxg4 Nxe4 14.dxe4 Nh4 15.g3 Ng6 16.g5 O-O-O 17.Qg4+ Kb8 18.gxh6 +- Ochoa De Echaguen--Barrenechea, Seville 1994.

C5c1b) 4....Nf6!? (Kosten) 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bxf6 Qxf6 7.c3 Nc6 8.b4 Be7 9.Nbd2 Be6 10.Qb3 Nd8 11.h3 O-O 12.O-O-O?! a5 13.b5 a4 14.Bxe6 Nxe6 =+ Kosten.

C5c1c) 4....c6! 5.O-O f4! 6.d4 Qf6 7.dxe5 dxe5 8.Nc3 Bg4 with the idea of Nd7 and O-O-O = West.

C5c2) 4.d4

C5c2a) 4....fxe4? 5.Nxe5! dxe5 6.Qh5+ Kd7 7.Qf5+ Kc6 8.Qxe4+ (8.Qxe5 is also winning) 8....Kb6 9.Be3 exd4 10.Nc3 Nf6 11.Na4+ Ka5 12.Qe5+ c5 13.Bd2+ Kxa4 14.a3 1-0 Ginzburg-Schuster, Buenos Aires 1992..

C5c2b) 4....Nc6!? 5.dxe5 dxe5 6.Qxd8+ Nxd8 = West

C5c2c) 4....exd4! 5.Ng5 (5.Nxd4 fxe4 6.Qh5+ g6 7.Qd5 Qe7 8.Bg5 Nf6 = Melchor-Svendsen, Correspondence 1985) 5....Nh6 6.O-O (6.Nxh7?! Ng4! 7.Nxf8 Kxf8 =+ Nurmi-Mestel, Tjentishe 1975, and Sorokin-Maliutin, Moscow 1991)

C5c2c1) 6....Nc6?! 7.exf5! (7.Re1 f4! 8.Bxf4 Qf6 9.Qd2 Be7! 10.Na3 Ne5 11.Be2 O-O 12.g3 Ng6 =+ Kosten) 7....Bxf5 8.Re1+ Kd7 9.Be6+! (9.c3 Qf6 10.Qb3 Be7 11.Ne6 Rab8 12.cxd4 Qh4 13.Ng7 Nxd4 14.Nf5 Nhxf5 15.Be6+ Kd8 =+ Adorjan-Mestel, Moscow 1977) 9....Bxe6 10.Nxe6 Qh4 11.Bxh6 gxh6 12.Qf3 Be7 13.Qf5 Ne5 14.Nxd4+ ± Zemitis-Svendsen, Correspondence 1998.

C5c2c2) 6....f4! 7.Bxf4 Qf6 8.Qh5+ g6 9.Qh4 Nc6 10.Nd2 Bd7 11.Ndf3 O-O-O 12.Ne6 Qxh4 13.Nxh4 Bxe6 14.Bxe6+ Kb8 15.Bg5 Be7 16.Bxh6 Bxh4 17.g3 Bf6 = 18.a3 d3! 19.c3 Rhe8 20.Bd5 Ne5 21.Bf4 c6 22.Bb3 g5 23.Bxe5 Rxe5 24.Bc4 Rxe4 25.Bxd3 Re7 26.Rae1 Rde8 27.Rxe7 Rxe7 28.f4 gxf4 29.Rxf4 Bg5 1/2-1/2 Reyna Glez-Perez, Correspondence 1994



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