The Future of American Democratic Politics



A Dialogue on American Democratic Politics

Gerald M. Pomper and Marc D. Weiner


The Fundamental American Political Principles

1. Pluralism, Identity Politics, and Coalitions: Toward Madisonian Constitutionalism

Jennifer L. Hochschild

2. Equality's Troubles: Madison in Modern America 

Wilson Carey McWilliams

3. The Majoritarian Impulse and the Declining Significance of Place

John Mark Hansen

4. The Future of Democratic Participation: The Significance of Immigration, Race and Class

Jane Junn

5. The Future of Liberty in American Democratic Politics? Or the Future of Democracy for the Politics of Liberty?

Nancy J. Hirschmann

6. The Rhetoric of Democratic Liberty

Gordon J. Schochet


The Practices of American Democratic Institutions

7. The Future of Legislatures in Democratic Politics

Nelson W. Polsby

8. Legislative Politics: Institutional Democracy and Public Disaffection

Alan Rosenthal

9. The Impact of Bush v. Gore on Future Democratic Politics

Elizabeth Garrett

10. The Supreme Court and Bush v. Gore:  Resolving Electoral Disputes in a Democracy

Milton Heumann and Lance Cassak

11. Democratic Ends and Political Parties in America

William Crotty

12. Contentious Democracy: Presidential-Interest Groups Relations in a Madisonian System

Daniel J. Tichenor


Perspectives on the Future of American Democratic Politics

Marc D. Weiner and Gerald M. Pomper

Bibliography of Cited Works