The Election of 2000

Table of Contents


1.      E.J. Dionne Jr., The Clinton Enigma: Seeking Consensus, Breeding Discord

2.      William G. Mayer, The Presidential Nominations

3.      Marjorie Randon Hershey, The Campaign and the Media

4.      Kathleen A. Frankovic and Monika L. McDermott,

Public Opinion in the 2000 Election: The Ambivalent Electorate

5.      Anthony Corrado, Financing the 2000 Elections

6.      Gerald M. Pomper, The Presidential Election

7.      Paul S. Herrnson, The Congressional Elections

8.      Wilson Carey McWilliams, The Meaning of the Election

Appendix A: President George Walker Bush: The Inaugural Address

Appendix B: The Bush Administration



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