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Women Investing in and Guiding Students (WINGS)
Eight-month college-to-career mentoring program


Co-sponsored by the Institute for Women's Leadership and the Center for Women and Work, WINGS is a college-to-career mentoring program designed to link selected Rutgers female students with successful professional women as mentors.

The goals of the WINGS program are to:

  • Enable undergraduate women to participate in a mentoring relationship with well-established career women
  • Enhance student understanding about workplace culture, organizational structure and work/life balance issues through relationships with mentors
  • Provide undergraduates an opportunity to explore a field of interest through exposure to a well-established career woman in that field
  • Expose undergraduate women to career options and role models through the mentoring relationship
  • Provide successful professional women opportunities to guide and give back to a diverse group of students
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WINGS program takes place over one academic year, and each corporate sponsor holds 5 to 7 events, depending on the company. In addition, mentors and mentees set up times for one-on-one sessions at their convenience. Many mentor-mentee relationships last beyond the program year.