Jonathan Bass teaches visual communication, theory, and design at Rutgers University. Recent courses include information design, web authoring, narrative across media and graphic narratives.

He produces a daily online drawing and comics project called Tiger Shorts. You can start reading the latest year or browse the archive for previous years.

He swims at the Dodge YMCA on Atlantic Avenue and at the Sol Goldman PoolSigmargram in Red Hook. He collects sunglasses.anna wearing sunglasses

Tutorials, Demos, and Sample Assignments

New Tutorials

Three new tutorials for the End of the World Project (EWP), a semester-long web authoring project. The first tutorial helps students to add a zoom effect to their EWP locations gallery. The second helps them turn the gallery into a narrative slideshow (or guided tour). The third helps them to build an interactive map that shows the locations from the gallery. It also allows them to mark areas of danger and disappearances.

The first two tutorials use jQuery. The third uses Leaflet.

Trash of the Week Project

The trash of the week project (TWP) is a short web-authoring project, lasting approximately three to four weeks of the semester. It's a shorter, solo version of the collaborative digital ontography project I've used in previous semesters. Using HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, students design and build a single page for a larger (fictional) website, each of whose pages highlights a distinct week of the student's trash. The page uses an image gallery, tables, and text, along with reference icons and color coding to document, organize, and compare the most notable discards of the week. Visitors are encouraged to leave comments. Read the full assignment.

Digital Ontography Project

The digital ontography project (DOP) is an introductory web-authoring project, lasting approximately four to six weeks of the semester. In the course of the project, students design and build pages for a (fictional) website dedicated to documenting the different kinds of objects that people in different localities throw away, recycle, or donate. The site allows participants and visitors to compare personal trash and discarded possessions across the world. Read the full assignment.

Fight or Run Comics Assignment

The fight or run assignment is a collaborative comics-making exercise I often use in graphic narrative courses. It’s based on the highly structured but playful story genre developed by Kevin Huizenga. Read the full assignment instructions.

Presenting Review Item Information in a Definition List

This design tutorial presents a method for using HTML and CSS to organize basic information associated with different kinds of item under review as part of an online review. Among its steps, it makes use of the CSS content property to fill-in recurring labels. Take a look.

Recent Projects

Virtual Book AC

Virtual Book AC is a design game based on Dieter Roth’s Book AC, one of the artist’s interactive books recently on display at MOMA. Roth’s book is unbound, its pages variously manipulable. However, safely affixed to the gallery wall, it remained well-removed from the rugged touch of museum-going hands. So I’ve made a digital version as a substitute. Try it out.

Cape Town Postcard Map Project

The Cape Town Postcard Map Project matches old postcards of Cape Town, South Africa, scanned from my father’s collection to a historical map of the city. Clicking on marked locations on the map displays postcards depicting corresponding scenes—buildings, streets, gardens. The map project also pieces together a mysterious narrative from Cape Town’s sanitation engineering history. Take a look.