Here is a list of the scholarly activities at the Institute for Hungarian Studies at Rutgers during the first 12 years of its operations (1995-2007)

October 10, 1995 Andrew Arato (Department of Sociology, The New School): Civil Society and Political Theory
November 1, 1995 György Csepeli (Department of Social Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest): Everyday Conservatism in Contemporary Hungary
November 9, 1995 Ilona Kovács (Regional Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Science, Pécs): Challenges and Barriers of Decentralization
November 15, 1995 András Gerô (Department of Economic and Social History, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and Department of History, University of Pennsylvania): Jews and the Making of Modern Hungary
April 11, 1996 Péter György (Departments of Aesthetics and Media, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, and The New School, New York): Under Eastern Eyes: The News as the Decontextualization of the West in Hungary
April 16, 1996 Susan Zimmermann (Department of History, Central European University, Budapest, and Universität Linz, Austria): Making a Living from Disgrace: Prostitution and City Policies in the Budapest and Vienna of the Dual Monarchy
April 22, 1996 Mária Neményi (Institute for Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest): Why There Is No Women's Movement in Hungary
October 15, 1996 Attila Melegh (Institute for Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, Fulbright Visiting Instructor in Hungarian Studies, Rutgers University): "Ideas of 'The West': 20th-Century Intellectual Politics in Hungary"
October 22, 1996 Kim Lane Scheppele (University of Pennsylvania & Central European University, Budapest): The Law as Convergence of Expectations: The Social Construction of Constitutionalism in Hungary
November 1, 1996 János M. Rainer (Institute for Research on the History of the Revolution of 1956, Budapest): "The Beginning of the End of Communism . . .": The Hungarian Revolution Forty Years Ago and Today (Event co-sponsored with the Hungarian Alumni Association)
November 18, 1996 Antal Örkény (Program in Minority Studies, Institute for Sociology, Eötvös Loránd University and University of California Program in Central European Studies, Budapest): Notions of Social Justice and the Fall of the Redistributive State in Hungary
February 12, 1997 Éva Forgács (Budapest University of Arts and Crafts and the Art Center, Pasadena School of Design): Rise of an Art Market in Hungary
February 17, 1997 Marianne Sághy (Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest): Conquest and Christianity: Hungarians in the 9th and 10th Centuries
March 25, 1997 Éva Fodor (Department of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles): State and Gender under Socialism:Women as a Corporate Group
February 26, 1998 Mária Neményi (Institute for Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Worlds Apart: Some Sociocultural Reasons for the Miscommunication between Roma Mothers and the Hungarian Health Care System
February 27, 1998 István Deák (Department of History, Columbia University): 1848-1998: From National Independence to Euro-Atlantic Integration
March 5, 1998 István Hegedüs (Board of Directors, Hungarian News Agency, Budapest): Election Prospects for Hungary
April 22, 1998 László Szörényi (Director, Institute for Literary Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest): Hungarian Literature in "the West"

April 28, 1998: Miniconference Surviving Freedom: Visual Arts in Hungary since 1989

Participants and Lecture Topics:

Éva Forgács (Art Historian and Critic; Professor, Budapest University of Arts and Design, currently teaches at the Art Center of the Pasadena School of Design): Plays On the Narrative: Two Artists from the Late 1980s

Barnabás Bencsik (Art Historian and Critic; Director, Stúdió Galéria, the Studio of the Young Artists Association, Budapest): Who Pays the Bill? Transformation of Cultural Policies and Institutions in Postcommunist Hungary.

Edit András (Art Historian and Critic; Research Fellow, Institute for Art History, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest -- currently a Fulbright Visiting Researcher at NYU): Flirting with the Body: Gender Aspects of Art after 1989

Gábor Andrási (Art Historian; Chief Curator, Óbudai Társaskör Galéria & Óbudai Pincegaléria, Budapest): Beyond Modernism: New Generations and Shifts in Perspective in Hungarian Art during the 90's

October 23, 1998 Attila Szakolczai (Institute for Research on the History of 1956, Budapest): Revolution and Retribution in the Countryside (Event co-sponsored with the Hungarian Alumni Association)
November 13, 1998 Zsuzsa Gille (Department of Sociology, University of California at Santa Cruz): Was state socialism wasteful? Towards a sociology of waste (Event co-sponsored with the Department of Sociology)
April 28, 1999 Rogers Brubaker (Department of Sociology, University of California at Los Angeles): Ethnicity and Nationalism in a Transylvanian Town: Between Politics and Everyday Life (Event co-sponsored with the Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies)
October 11, 1999 Miklós Kontra (Department of Linguistics, Szeged University): Language Rights in Central Europe and their Curious Connection to English Only
February 21, 2000 András Bozóki (Department of Political Science, Central European University): Consensual Transition, Non-Consensual Politics in Hungary
March 20, 2000 Attila Pók (Institute for History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Scapegoating in Modern East-Central Europe
April 3, 2000 Böröcz József : Rationales for a Choice: How Substance Enters Formal Law in the 'Eastern Enlargement' of the European Union
November 22, 2003 István Deák (Professor of History, Columbia University): A haza bölcse
January 23, 2004 Miklós Vajda (Editor, Hungarian Quarterly): Budapest, Invincible City in the Heart of Europe (poetry reading)
March 25, 2004 Attila Melegh (Demographic Research Institute, Budapest, Fulbright Visiting Instructor in Hungarian Studies at Rutgers): Functions of the East/West Slope: Eastern Europe and Late Capitalism
March 27, 2004 George Szirtes (poet and translator, UK): Hungarian Poetry in English--Experiences and Reflections of the Poet-Translator of Imre Mad&aachte;ch's The Tragedy of Man
April 20, 2004 Gábor Horváth (Consul General of the Republic of Hungary to New York): Hungary's Accession to the EU from Close-Up: A Diplomat's Perspective
November 11, 2004 András Bozóki (Associate Professor, Dept of Political Science, Central European University) Mission Accomplished? The Rise and Decline of Communist Successor Parties in Central Europe
November 19, 2004 László Molnár (Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary to the United Nations) Magyarország az Európai Unióban: eredmények, gondok, tervek (Lecture in Magyar: "Hungary in the European Union: Achievements, Difficulties, Plans")
November 11, 2005 Papp László (Executive Director, Urban Redevelopment Commission, Stamford, CT) The 1956 Hungarian Revolution: Personal Recollections of A Revolutionary Workers' Council President.
November 10, 2006 Békés Csaba (Founding Director, Cold War Research Center, Budapest) Hot Autumn in the Cold War: 1956. New Jersey premiere of a new documentary on the Hungarian revolution, followed by a discussion with Professor Békés.
February 28, 2007 Molnár Gábor Tamás (Instructor of Magyar, Rutgers University) The Selected Atrocities of Count Dracula: East European Otherness and Its Literary Representation
March 23, 2007 Frank Tibor (Professor, ELTE School of English and American Studies) Emigránsok Amerikában (Immigrants in America) (talk in Magyar).
April 11, 2007 Feischmidt Margit (Institute for the Study of Ethnic and National Minorities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Ethnicity Experienced in Everyday Interactions: Conclusions of a Study on nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town
April 23, 2007 Csergô Zsuzsa (Dept of Political Science, George Washington University) Talk of the Nation: Language and Conflict in Romania and Slovakia

Visiting Instructors and Research Affiliates at the Institute since September, 1995 to May 2007:

Mária Adamik           Visiting Fellow, Seminar on Gender and Area Studies, Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies, 1996-97.
                                Currently Research Fellow, Department of Social Policy, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

László Andor             Fulbright Visiting Instructor, 1997-98, Department of Political Science and Institute for Hungarian Studies,
                                Currently Commissioner for Social Policy of the European UnionD/FONT>

Edit András            Visiting Fellow, Seminar on Visual Arts and Literature in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989, 1997-98.
                                Currently Research Fellow, Institute of Art History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

Judit Bodnár           Visiting Fellow, Seminar on Gender and Area Studies, Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies, 1996-97.
                              Currently Assistant Professor, Department of History, Anthropology and Sociology, , Central European University.

Erzsébet Csereklye       Language Instructor, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 academic years
                                 Currently Language Instructor at the Budapest affiliate of the Debrecen Summer University

Ágnes Boreczky       Fulbright Visiting Instructor, Spring Semester, 2001.
                                 Currently Assistant Professor, Eötvös Loránt University, Budapest

Elemér Boreczky       Instructor of Hungarian Language, 1997-1999.
                                 Currently Assistant Professor, Eötvös Loránt University, Budapest

Ágnes Fülemile         Fulbright Visiting Instructor, Spring Semester, 1998-99, Program in Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures, Institute for Hungarian Studies and Department of Sociology,
                                Currently Research Associate, Institute of Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HungaryD/FONT>

Judit Hajnal Ward         Language Instructor, Institute for Hungarian Studies, 1999-2003
                                Currently Librarian, Alexander Library, Rutgers UniversityD/FONT>

Ilona Kovács            Fulbright Visiting Instructor, Fall-Spring 2001-2002, Program in Hungarian Studies, visiting researcher at the Hungarian Heritage Center
                                Currently Head of the Hungarica Department, National Széchényi Library, BudapestD/FONT>

Attila Melegh           Fulbright Visiting Instructor, 1996-97 and Spring 2004, Departments of History, Sociology, and Institute for Hungarian Studies,
                                Currently Senior Research Associate, Institute of Demographic Science, Central Office for Statistics, Budapest, HungaryD/FONT>

Éva Mathéy           Fulbright Visiting Researcher, 2002-3, Institute for Hungarian Studies,
                                Currently at the Dept of North American Studies, Debrecen University, HungaryD/FONT>

Guy Miron              Visiting Researcher, Spring 2002, Department of History and Institute for Hungarian Studies

Katalin Miklósy         Instructor of Hungarian Language, 1995-97
                                Currently Assistant Professor, Department of English Teacher Training, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Miklós Molnár         Fulbright Visiting Instructor, 1999-2000,
                                Currently Associate Professor, Department of American Studies, Teacher's Training College Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

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