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[established in 1996; last revised on December 6, 2016]

My Curriculum Vitae.

According to scholar.google.com, my current lifetime Hirsch-index score is 22.

I am present on academia and ssrn.

Here is a set of—by now pretty old—photographs from Budapest.

Almost all of my recent work is archived online. This includes an e-book, numerous papers in English, Magyar and Belorusian, interviews in Hungarian and Danish dailies, the transcript of a 45-minute television interview in Magyar, plus some commentaries in English, Magyar and Albanian. To read them, click on this paragraph.

My books are available for online order (or, as with the e-book, for free download) as follows:

The European Union and Global Social Change:
A Critical Geopolitical-Economic Analysis
London: Routledge

2009 (hard cover), 2010 (paperback)

"Honorable Mention," Political Economy of the World-System section of the American Sociological Association, 2011

I maintain a relaxed blog devoted to new developments and miscellanea pertaining to themes discussed in this book.

Available as an e-book on iTunes here, as well as in a kindle edition here.

(co-edited with Melinda Kovács):

Empire's New Clothes:
Unveiling EU-Enlargement

E-book published by the online journal Central Europe Review, Holly Cottage, UK: 2001.

Also available here.

Leisure Migration:
A Sociological Study on Tourism

Oxford, UK:
Elsevier Science, 1996

(co-edited with David A. Smith):

A New World Order:
Global Transformations in the Late Twentieth Century

Westport, CT, USA:
Greenwood Press, 1995

Available in various e-book formats here

My Graduate Courses:

My Undergraduate Courses:

Online Syllabi of Courses that Use My Work
(These courses are listed, more or less, in the reverse order in which I have come to know about them.
The links worked at the time I found them; if a flink fails, it means the course syllabus has since been taken off the web.)

A brief outline of the history of scholarly activities and list of affiliates of the Institute for Hungarian Studies at Rutgers between 1995 and 2007 (when I was its director).

Online sources that use the core concept of my book Leisure Migration

With comments / suggestions, please email me at jborocz (at) rutgers.edu .