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A special course for Educators - Spring 2008

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Advisory Committee

The advisory committee to the Littman Families Holocaust Resource Center (HRC) was constituted and held its first meeting on November 30th. The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to set policy and the overall direction of the HRC regarding teacher training, public programs, and educational resources, and to promote the work of the HRC in the community. The Committee includes community leaders, educators, Holocaust survivors and Rutgers faculty.  It is conceived as a small but diverse group who recognize the importance of teaching tolerance and promoting intergroup understanding.  The Committee includes the following members:

William Fernekes, Supervisor of Social Studies, Hunterdon Central Regional High School 
Hans Fisher, Professor, Nutritional Sciences, Rutgers
Herbert Gilsenberg, Member NJ Commission on Holocaust Education
Mary Jean Guidette, former County Superintendent, Middlesex County Schools
David Harris, Executive Director, Greater New Brunswick Day Care Counsel, Inc.;  Rutgers Board of Trustees
Devorah Hilsenrath, Highland Park Conservative Temple, community volunteer
Mary Johnson, Senior Program Associate, Facing History and Ourselves
Steven W. Katz, Sterling Properties
Penelope Lattimer, Assistant Commissioner, NJ Department of Education
Murray Laulicht, Attorney, Pitney, Hardin, Kipp and Szuch; NJ Commission on Holocaust Education; past president United Jewish Federation of Metrowest 
Herbert Littman 
Leonard Littman
Ruth B. Mandel, Board of Governors;  Professor of Politics and Director, Eagelton Institute of Politics, Rutgers; Vice Chair, U.S. Holocaust Council 
Clement Price, Professor of History;  Director, Institute on Ethnicity, Culture and the Modern Experience, Rutgers 
Jeffrey Shandler, Associate Professor, Jewish Studies, Rutgers
Yael Zerubavel, Director, Bildner Center
Karen Small, Associate Director, Bildner Center


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