830:331:01 -- Infant and Child Development, Hudson, Rutgers University
Class Lecture Notes -- Chapter 3, Biology and Behavior

  Developmental Processes (see textbook for definitions)

Experience and The Brain (see textbook for definitions)

How to Build a Baby's Brain             Sleep is important for early brain development; remember autostimulation theory and the importance of REM sleep for stimulating the brain

What kind of stimulation is important for early brain development?

Remember the video -- babies need to be held, touched, talked to, sung to, consoled when crying, interesting things to look at (people), toys to explore and manipulate

They don't need flash cards, videos, etc.

Body Growth and Development

Depends on nature and nurture, genetics, and the environment

See textbook:

Nutritional Behavior
Breast feeding
Food preference
Eating disorders


Other forms of Undernutrition

    More common forms of malnutrition -- affect large numbers of children world-wide, also in the US

Effects of nutritional supplements

    Nutritional supplements are important in treating malnutrition. But they are more beneficial when:

Causes of Malnutrition
  • Immediate:
  • inadequate food consumption
  • desease/illness


    Review of Major Themes: