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I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and I attended Georgia Southern University for my Bachelors and Masterís of Science degrees. I then studied community ecology and conservation biology with Professor Stuart Pimm at the University of Tennessee, graduating with a PhD in Zoology in 1997. My next career step was a post-doc with Professor Dan Simberloff, which also turned out to be at the University of Tennessee. This stage was when I became involved in invasion ecology and biogeography research. Since then I have served on the faculty at the University of California-Santa Cruz and at Rutgers University, the latter institution being my current home. My research is a cross-section of conservation biology, biogeography, and invasion ecology. I maintain an active lab with students and post-docs and as a group we have successfully published over 80 papers in top-notch peer-reviewed journals. I have co-written two books (Avian Invasions and Invasion Ecology (2nd Ed.)), and co-edited two others (Biotic Homogenization and Coastal Conservation). And I currently serve as the Americas Editor for Biological Conservation and as an editorial board member for Biological Invasions. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, swimming, hiking, and canoeing.