Research Methods
J. Friedman, Spring 2009

Office: Lucy Stone B209
445 0054

Reading list


Useful websites:

Website for your textbook
chapter quizes and flash cards; many links

Rutgers Camden Sociology Dept videos on methods topic by Robert Woods:
--Causal arguments
--3-variable analysis
--Research methods tutorial

How to take notes, Christopher Leo

Rutgers Sociology Honors Program


More information on various topics

Bateson Eyes (full article; not required)

early material
Types of Research
Practice: unit, variables [Try this]
Steps in a research project

-examples of conceptualization
-strategies for developing an operational definition
-example of measurement: bullying
-Types of validity

-levels of measurement with examples from Harrell

-Big Three, and more
-Example: table with percent difference

-directions for practice problems
-practice problems
-sampling distributions

After test, more on samples
-stratified samples
-cluster samples
-calculating confidence intervals

-Outline of 3-variable table

-True experiments



In the News
analysis of the New Hampshire polls

Bill Moyers Journal on Polls 2008

The Gallop Poll economy and environment, trends in concern


Her first frequency distribution, Halloween:

see my kitten (12/06)
kitten grows up (12/07)
kitten at two

More information on Research Ethics:

IRBs, Human Subjects

Rutgers' policies on Human Subjects Research

Professional Assn Codes of Ethics

Ethics in Criminal Justice Research

Ethics in Internet Research
a report by the AAAS

American Sociological Assn. Code of Ethics

Ethics in research on children


Websites with magazine covers
[I found these using google. I search using,as key words, cover andthe magazine name. There must be many more files.]

Many magazines A website with so many magazines that you first select the type of magazine.
Time Magazine
Life -- every cover, 1936-1972
Sports Illustrated
Mad Magazine


Test Yourself and Review

review sheet test 2

test yourself, test 2 -1
test yourself, test 2-2

answers for "test yourself"

answers to sample problems


Really big numbers

graphic sociology

more visual sociology

flowing data


GSS project
Link to the GSS website

Select the first data set, GSS
through 2008\

GSS questionnaires

Handouts on GSS assignment; you will begin to get these March 26

Preliminary information on GSS
Background on the GSS
Using the GSS software

First Report

Final Report

Other ways to collect data

History Matters: Oral history, Film, Maps, Letters and Diaries, Songs, political cartoons, more


Other Research Methods Websites

Wadsworth Site for Earl Babbie's research methods textbook

Links from another methods class, Dr. Tom O'Connor, Criminal Justice, South Carolina Wesleyan College]

Resources for Evaluation Research


Content Analysis Project

final recording form
Directions for pretest and final report


review sheet, Test 1

matching quiz
answers, matching quiz