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A good hunk of the undergrad portion of my lab, December, 2008.  Left to right, Rachel Rubinstein, Jared Batterman, an unknown interloper probably someone's girlfriend, Anna Urbaniak (who took this pic), Mike Rohe, Krzysztof Prywara.  Me in the glasses in the background.

Most of my lab, Fall&Spring 2002-2003, at an end of year BBQ at my place.  From left to right: Glenny Figaro, Gil Kim, Felicia Nichols,  Jill Franco and me.  They wanted to study whether one can assess lying to appear unprejudiced, but ran into a subject drought. 

Honors Theses Presentation Pictures


Mike Falk's Honors Thesis Presentation. He looked for evidence of stereotypes biasing person perception in subtle and blatant ways, but never found it. He is smiling anyway. 


Saba Baig's Honors Thesis Presentation. She looked for evidence of stereotypes biasing person perception, but instead found accuracy. She is smiling anyway. 


Sporting Pictures


At the Pittsfield (Mass.) Mets (Single A Mets minor league team) with the kids. Old stadium, cheap seats close to the action, and fireworks at the end. What could be better? Left to Right: Josh, Kayla, Rachel. 


Me giving the soccer team defense some last minute pointers on handling a tough opponent. (my daughter Rachel facing you).


My wife, Lisa, and I right before I choked away a
mixed doubles semi-final to the evil people on the left.


Camping Pictures

family hike

We made it to the top! 

A romantic interlude punctuated by one too many children. 
me and Kayla

                  I just crack Kayla up. 

Rachel and Kayla

              Rachel and Kayla at their best.

 Biking Pictures


After the first leg of a three day, 100 mile bike ride.
"Here's lookin' at you, kid."

On the Lambertville--New Hope Bridge.  Beautiful
scenery, neat small towns, and three bikers blocking
the walking path.

Washington's Crossing.  All that riding
through beautiful Jersey scenery releases so
many endorphins it makes us giddy.
Left to right: Kayla, Eileen, me, Jeff. 

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