Lee Jussim's Tennis Page

(last updated 1/09).

 I am an avid tennis player and always looking for new partners. Male, female, young old, I could not care less. Being a professor, my schedule is fairly flexible -- I might be able to play anytime anyday.

There are various ways to "measure" tennis skill -- I am on the border of intermediate and advanced; I am a solid "B" player; I have a USTA rating of 4.0, but probably
at the low end of 4.0.  I have been crushed by the worst player on the RU men's team; but I have beaten people who have played on college teams for small schools.  I have captained several USTA teams over the last few years. 

If you would like to hit, best bet would be to send me an email message (jussim@rci.rutgers.edu).

My Tennis Life History

Why I Hate the United States Tennis Association (USTA), let me count the ways....

A Tennis Story of Rejection, Gentle Revenge, and Vindication

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