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A series of essays towards General Convention in 2003 and beyond

Stop the Mean-Spiritedness

Stop the Mean-Spiritedness

By Bob Hilliard
"I Have A Dream," too. That we can stop the mean-spiritedness and name calling that I've witnessed over time on this listserve. If you didn't watch the 40th Anniversary celebration on Friday and Saturday of the 1963 March on Washington and Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech, you really missed something. What a magnificent scene of diversity, both in color and in faith!

Now we are being accused of "using fascist political correctness rules to silence conservatives" or just being plain "oppressive fascists." Frankly, I resent such comments and the innuendo that we are the likes of Adolph Hitler who permanently silenced 6,000,000 Jews and countless millions of others before he was finished. From what I read here from the conservative side of the aisle, it certainly doesn't appear that anyone has silenced them They still continue to enter the debate. The problem is that if they don't win the debate, they want to pick up their marbles and go home.

In my other life, I taught constitutional law and civil liberties and well remember the hue and cry that went up with the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. There were those who said that it was the end of democracy. As you know, such was not the case.

I find it interesting that those who object to the decisions of General Convention are turning their backs on the very democratic process that they have championed for more than two centuries. Following the American Revolution and the formation of the Episcopal Church, the Church boldly signed on to the democratic process and for General Convention after GC, the democratic process made decision after decision via this process. Now that the process has worked once again, those who are against the decision no longer want to be a part of the democratic process.

America Is the Democratic Process.

I have over the years served as a member of the board of directors of a number of different organizations, as we all have. Not every decision went the way we thought it should have gone. But we didn't pick up our marbles and leave. That's not the democratic way. You stick around and make things work, no mater what your personal feelings are about losing on a particular issue.

Every day it's another newspaper article or television program with a story of parishes withholding funds from their Diocese and/or the ECUSA. Some are calling it "redirecting!" Ha! Call it what you like, it is in effect boldly saying, "I'll show them."

Many in our parish here side with the conservatives against the Bishops of Connecticut and the CT members of the House of Deputies. If anyone tries to withhold/redirect funds from the Diocese of CT, I'm just going to send my Stewardship pledge to the Diocese, let then take out their 12 1/2 percent and send the remainder back to our parish. I believe that it is unconscionable to withhold and/or redirect funds.

Thanks for listening.

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