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A series of essays toward General Convention 2003 and beyond

Expelling The Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion?

Expelling The Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion?

By Jeffri Harre

We were Episcopalians long before anyone even had a glimmer of an idea that there was an "Anglican Communion." We will continue to be Episcopalians long after the "Communion" falls apart--which it will do if the primates succeed in "expelling" the ECUSA.

The conservatives played the "Unity of the Anglican Communion" card as their last desperate attempt to stave off change and progress. Now they are forced to follow through on the obvious course of action once General Convention went ahead and confirmed Gene Robinson's election.

My guess is that Canada would be next, followed by South Africa and Australia. And probably Scotland. When they have "eliminated" the issue of sexuality, they will face a myriad of other issues that they do not agree upon. Women priests and (gasp!) bishops. Lay prescidency (sp?). The Prayer Book. Etc. Etc. Etc. The pattern will already have been set, and the "fundagelicals" will continue to "expel" any province of the "communion" that does not fall into line. Eventually, there will be no "Anglican Communion," or "Anglican Church," which is what they are trying to create.

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