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Do justice

A series of essays toward General Convention 2003 and beyond

Accounting for those who
pledged to punish The Episcopal Church
at the October 2003 Summit of
American Anglican Council

Item 6 of The AAC's Call to Action states:

"We redirect our financial resources, to the fullest extent possible, toward biblically orthodox mission and ministry, and away from those structures that support the unrighteous actions of the General Convention. We will support our partners in the Anglican Communion."

The Episcopal Church asks dioceses to contribute 21% of their income. Here are statistics on the ordinaries who participated in the Summit. Not all support Item 6. See the notes.

Bishop Diocese Communicants 2001 vs 1991 Rank Comm. 2001 Paid % Pledge Rank % Pl.
Dan Herzog Albany 14,818 -5.6% 46 $200,020
16% 81
James Stanton Dallas 36,015 33.0% 14 $428,854
17% 78
Keith Whitmore1
Eau Claire
Stephen Jecko Florida 29,240 52.6% 19 $199,808 11% 87
Russell Jacobus2 Fond du Lac 5,076 -2.6% 90 $88,500 21% 14
Jack Iker Fort Worth 12,809 -3.0% 53 $87,926
7% 95
Lloyd Allen3 Honduras n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Robert Duncan Pittsburgh 16,713 15.6% 39 $119,847 11% 87
Keith Ackerman Quincy 2,478 2.4% 95 $18,656 7% 95
Terrance Kelshaw
Rio Grande
Gethin Hughes San Diego 18,685 22.5% 35 $192,000 16% 81
Peter Beckwith 4 Springfield 5,642 7.8% 86 $114,706
20% 70
Bertram Herlong Tennessee 12,283 41.7% 56 $163,369 19% 75
James M. Adams5 Western Kansas 2,264 -0.5% 96 $39,704 21% 14


(9.1% of TEC)

(6.1% of TEC)

In addition to the ordinaries above, also present at the Summit were


Because I was denied press credentials, I spotted folks only as they passed through the lobby of the Wyndham Anatole Hotel. I may have missed others. Please send additions and other corrections to

1Bishop Keith Whitmore has written to me saying that he did not sign the final statement, does not agree with the tactics suggested at the Summit, and will do "all in my power to support the Church in carrying out it mission and ministry guided by the work of General Convention, the Executive Council, and our Presiding Bishop."

2Bishop Russ Jacobus (Fond du Lac) has has written to me saying that he did not sign the final statement.

3 The Episcopal Church publishes no accurate data on dioceses in Province 9. The Episcopal Church publishes no accurate data on dioceses in Province 9. The Episcopal Church provided millions of dollars in development funds to the Diocese of Honduras in the last decade.

4 A recent Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Springfield voted down resolutions which called on the diocese to "repudiate and disassociate" from the actions of General Convention to affirm Bishop-Elect Robinson and to recognize that the blessing of same-sex unions is part of our common life. These resolutions were both supported by Bishop Beckwith. According to one corespondent in the diocese, despite the Bishop's signing of the AAC Call to Action, there is a very significant movement in the diocese to see that the full pledge is paid to TEC.

5Bishop James Adams (Western Kansas) has written to me saying that he attended to learn and listen, that he did not sign the final statement and that yet he agrees with most of it.

Louie Crew at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel

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