Don't repeat the mistake on page 847 of The Prayer Book .  Here is what God really requires from the chosen people:

Do justice

A series of essays in the Episcopal Church

A Scottish Response to the Windsor Report

A Scottish Response to the Windsor Report

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Changing Attitude Scotland is a network of people, gay and straight, lay and ordained, working for the full affirmation of lesbian and gay Christians within the Scottish Episcopal Church and the wider Anglican Communion. Because of our aims and objectives, we welcome the opportunity the Windsor Report gives us to join the debate which is underway within the Anglican Communion and to make the following points.


Scottish Church History

Elections to the Episcopate

Synodical Government



Civil Developments in Scotland


You are welcome to submit your essays for consideration for this series. Send them to Identify yourself by name, snail address, parish, and other connections to the Episcopal Church. Please encourage others to do the same.


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