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Do justice

A series of essays in the Episcopal Church

A Parable

A Parable

By The Rev. Canon Christopher Hall

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, many children were born left-handed.The majority who were right-handed decided that it was unnatural to be and to behave left-handed. They punished the left-handed to make them forsake their sinister ways and to write rightly. The left-handed remember the physical pain, and hide their mental scars. In a far-off land the right-handed repented that they had oppressed their left-handed sisters and brothers and conventionally agreed to value and to treat them like themselves. But a gathering of the righteous rebuked them for their decision, banished them to a corner until they should repent yet again. The left-handed found themselves unwelcome and unwanted in their spiritual home. The arch-primate was deeply grieved and so was his God.

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Editor's note:

Chris+'s father, +Ronald Owen Hall, ordained to the first woman to the priesthood in the entire Anglican Communion, Li Tim Oi+. See her story at Chris+ was at GC 2003 to help lobby for her inclusion in Lesser Feasts and Fasts.


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