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A series of essays in the Episcopal Church

Akinola the Pope?

Akinola the Pope?

Letters by Bishop Jubal Neves, Bishop of Southwestern Brazil; Archbishop Peter Akinola, Primate of All Nigerial; and Archbishop Orlando Santos de Oliveira, Primate of Brazil

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 17:53:41 -0300
From: Bispo Jubal
Subject: akinola, the pope?

My dear Louie,

This is the truth. As "the fish dies by its mouth" (a brazilian popular saying) the Abp Akinola has written to our Primate forbiding my participation at the Global South Anglican Meeting in Egypt next October. I would appreciate you could send this letter to all the anglican bishops so that they may insight the mind of our Nigerian brother and his followers. It is not Anglican Church! What a mistake!

And you see, Louie, the south to south meeting was a wish of the Brisbane Mission Conference (1986) after a proposal of my group! And I was member of the design group and coordination of the first South to South Anglican Meeting, in Limuru, Kenya, with the Most Revd Orlando. I am sending the letter of Acb Akinola to Brazilian Primate Orlando end the answer from my primate to Acb Akinola. My thanks and my hug, waiting for your comments about that,

+Jubal Neves

The Church of Nigeria
(Anglican Communioni
Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of all Nigeria

July 18, 2005

The Most Rev Orlando Santo de Olivera
Primate of Brazil & Bishop of Southern Brazil
Caxia Postal 11.51, Teresopolis
Porto Alege, RS
90870-970, BRAZIL

Dear Archbishop Orlando,

This comes with my greetings in the name of Jesus Crhst. My greetings are joined with those of the members of the planning committee for the 3rd South-South Encounter planned in Egypt.

We have received with grave concern the news of the precipitous action of your provinves to depose The Rt. Revd Robinson Cavalcanti. While that action in itself creates a crisis concerning our relations, we are doubly troubled with the presentation of The Rt. Revd Jubal Neves who recently wrote and broadly published a paper as an authoritative voice from Brazil. His assertion that the Windsor Report and the agreed theological position of the Communion represent "a pretentious majority wishing to assume control and power" is shocking, damaging, and false. These circumstances demonstrate such a dramatic divergence from the theological commitments of the Anglican Communion and others in the Global South, that the presence of your Province at the conference in Egypt would be counter productive.

The situation in the Communion is grave. We are seeking to speak with integrity and love. The actions and statements of your province are only adding to the tensions. Until we hear from you and your church your clear decision to correct these actions and statements, the organizing committee has agreed unanimously to withdraw the invitation for your province to be represented in Egypt.


[signed +Peter J. Akinoa, abp]
The Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola, CON, DD
Primate of All Nigeria
Chairman of Global South Working Committee

The Most Reverend Peter Akinola
Primate of All Nigeria
Chairman of Global South Working Group
Nigeria, África

Porto Alegre, 20th, August, 2005

Dear Archbishop Peter:

This comes with my greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was with surprise that I read your letter regarding the non acceptance of subscriptions from the representatives of the Anglican Province of Brazil to participate in the the III Global South Encounter. This attitude astounded me really. I have already been a member of the Planning Committee of the first meeting that took place in Limuro, Kenia, and we never blocked the participation of any province, for whatever reason, to participate in the meeting. It seems that we are facing judgment and discrimination within the South of the Anglican Communion. This leads me to wonder, because your grace has been emphatic to affirm, at the ACC Meeting in Notingham, that we were listen to the Churches of USA and Canada, but they have not listened to us. Now, it seems that it is the organising Committee of Global South meeting that does not want to listen to us; it seems that they want to listen only to one way of thinking. It seems that the participants and the theological content of the Meeting will have only one theological perspective, and not pastorally and theologically open to the diversity, which is basis of the Anglican Communion. The church in Brazil has never broken communion with any of the provinces of the Anglican Communion, although it never agrees with all positions and attitudes.

Regarding your observations about the deposition of Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, which you qualified as precipitated action, I believe that it is not due to any bishop, clergy, or lay person of the Anglican Communion to make judgement about IEAB. It is because they do not know the real situation of something that is an internal matter of the Brazilian church. Bishop Cavalcanti was deposed due to disciplinary, ethical, and moral measures. He was the one that broke communion with the Brazilian Church, as he offended and disrespected the Primate, the Bishops' Chamber, the clergy and the people of the whole province. He affirmed to be the only true Anglican and the only bearer of the reformation principles, although his attitudes towards his diocese and people were the ones that the Church at reformation contested: authoritarianism, centrality and inerrancy of Rome in the XVI Century.

Also, regarding your information about Dom Jubal Neves's writings, I have to affirm to you that it is unknown to me any thing regarding that matter. It is because each diocesan bishop has the freedom to express themselves, however their views will not necessarily be, all the time, the official views of the province. It does not necessarily represents, as you yourself would say, "an authoritative voice from Brazil". Regardless of any affirmation, Bishop Jubal Neves is a senior bishop of our Bishops' Chamber, and deserves our consideration and respect, whether we agree or not with his pronouncements. What we cannot accept is the appliance of this as an excuse to eliminate us from the Global South Meeting, because our intention has always to clearly show that we never ended the dialogue with any part of the Anglican Communion, and always we have respected all in their way of being, acting and thinking. Now, if the meeting is supposed to be a place for only one way of thinking and reflecting about the truth of the Gospel, then it should have been clarified in the invitation and in the subscription forms.

We manifest our sadness and shock that an official meeting of the Anglican Communion, for the first time is set up in a way that is authoritarian and discriminatory, without any possible ways to revert this situation.

We all understand that the situation is our communion in very serious. And, from our part, we have searched deeply for ways to maintain us united despite of our diversity. In spite of your affirmation that you have tried to speak with integrity and love, we have received statements and news from some parts of the Global South that manifests quite the opposite, and, applying again your own words, "this actions and statements are only adding to the tensions".

The Province of Brazil has not to correct its actions and official statements, in view that in all our manifestation we have searched to be respectful towards our brothers and sisters in Christ. Now, this does not means that we have to either agree of accept the way it has been conducted the selection of participants for the Global South Meeting, because the organising committee in its own time has acted in authoritative way that is incontestable. We have never even seen an archbishop of Canterbury acting in such way.

Dear brother Peter, may the peace of the Lord be upon you. From our part, we continue to work and pray for the unity of our Anglican Communion.

Sincerely in Christ

The Most Revd. Orlando Santos de Oliveira
Primate of The Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil


Archbishop of Cantebury
General Secretary of the Anglican Communion
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