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A series of essays in the Episcopal Church

The P.B.'s Statement

The P.B.'s Statement

By Bradford Dov Lewis

How upsetting it was to read the Presiding Bishop's statement. I remember when she was first elected I mentioned to Episcopal clergy friends that I was worried about the queerfolk in the ECUSA and they vouched something fierce for the P.B.'s commitment to the gay and lesbian members of her flock. I've suggested over the years to queer R.C. friends that they join the Episcopal Church and even brought them some of them to Episcopal churches and they did become Episcopalian. Where do these poor folks go now I wonder? I feel terrible for misleading them even though I did mean well. It's kind of ironic because in my novel one of the characters mentions how clergy sell out queerfolk at the very first opportunity and the grandson of the Episcopal priest says, "Only some of them." I can't help but think that there were people who may have argued that Americans should have placed unity above all else and kept the U.S. together at the cost of allowing slavery to continue. Even though I'm not Episcopalian, being both Jewish and gay -- a double persecuted minority -- makes me so sensitive to all this. I hope and pray that wiser and kinder heads will overrule the P.B. or God in His/Her own compassion will make the P.B. realize how misguided and painful her actions are. It's even more distressing for so many of us to see the Church's first female P.B. do something like this. Would she have agreed to these awful demands if the hateful Nigerian bigot had substituted female for gay and lesbian? Off to a Purim lunch but my holiday joy is decreased as my heart goes out to my queer Episcopalian friends and all the good people in the ECUSA and the Anglican Communion.


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