A Prayer of Acceptance & Love

A Prayer of Acceptance & Love

by Phil Ferrara, Sr.

O God, we have so many ways of drawing lines between us - - GENDER & SEXUAL PREFERENCE, race & nationalities, political parties & philosophies, social status & economic classes, gifted & challenged. Not to mention - - schools, neighborhoods, companies, families, clubs, vocations & religions.

It quickly becomes easy to see the lines that divide, instead of the ones that connect, to allow identifying marks to become labels, until all that we see are the differences between us, instead of the common thread that ties us all together.

Help us, O God, to see one another through your eyes. To remember that there is room for EVERYONE at the foot of the cross. To show one another that there are no ticket-takers at the doors of Your kingdom, no entrance exam, no qualifying match.

May we become mirrors of Your LOVE - - a LOVE that transcends lines and labels and differences - - to each and every person we encounter today. Amen


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